paper in NCBDS conference

Ming Tang’s paper Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the architectural design education  is presented at the 34th National Conference on the Beginning Design Student (NCBDS) 2018 conference

This paper explores teaching MR technology for design communication at the School of Architecture and Interior Design, University of Cincinnati. The author discusses the theoretical and technological framework of using MR in studio teaching, with a focus on its effectiveness of communication, user interface, and sensory-motor experience. The studio projects have been focused on the future architecture integrated with MR technology, where sensory-intensive, immersive experience would facilitate new ways of living. Students learned how to build an MR system and implemented their newly acquired skills to their projects. This new feedback loop allows a proposed space to be generated, visualized and shared quickly.

Several student projects were presented to demonstrate the future scenarios of using MR in Architecture. The paper also discusses student reflections on the impact of MR to future architecture education and practice. We believe the MR should be promoted and used in education to provide sensory experience and create a sense of reality. More importantly, it should become a playground which will allow students to explore, discover, evaluate and improve their design.