Project in Expo4Seniors

Our VR app EvR Talk is presented at two Senior Health & Wellness Expo, organized by the Expo4seniors.

  • Fairfield Community Arts Center, 411 Wessel Dr. Cincinnati, OH. 11.03.2021
  • Gray Road Church of Christ. Cincinnati, OH. 11.20.2021

Expo4Seniors provides Senior Citizens access to services and products through education, collaboration, advocacy, and accessibility in order to make Aging In Place and Lifestyle, Health & Wellness available.

Team member Karly Hasselfeld demonstrated to the audience how to interact with virtual characters through hand tracking. Photo by Karly Hasselfeld and Lauren Southwood.

Ming Tang lead a design team at the LiveWell Collaborative developed this Care Giver Training for the Council of Ageing.  More information on the VR for Caregiver training and UC Urban Health Pathway grant support can be found here.






Building Analysis with ML

Geospatial Imagery Analytics Research. Phase II. Sponsored research by the Cincinnati Insurance Companies. PI. Ming Tang. $79,980. Period: 10.2021- 08.2022. Grant: G402236.

The goal is to use A. I, ML, DL to understand building typology and evaluate building safety. Please contact Professor Ming Tang if you are a UC student and interested in participating in the project.

Login to the project resource page. ( password needed)


project featured at the UC News

Our book “Architectural Interventions. Design-build collaboration on the global scale” project is featured at the UC News, an article titled “New Book: UC architecture students collaborate, compete internationally, Global design-build competition inspires book about UC-Beijing collaboration” By Joan Luebering.

Check out the full interview at UC News at–uc-architecture-students-collaborate-compete-internationally.html

An international experiential learning project from the pre-pandemic spring and summer semesters of 2019 is still bearing fruit with the publication this summer of “Architectural Interventions: Design-Build Collaboration on the Global Scale.”

“AI in+form” workshop

This is a project I did during the 2021 CAADFuture workshop “AI in+form” by @r.e.ar_ at @caadfutures. The project explored the conjunction of various methods including ML ( pix2pxi), solar simulation, and procedural growth simulation in Houdini.

Design Team
Ming Tang, Jayanaveenaa P, Daniel Escobar

Alberto Fernandez, Provides Ng, David Doria, Nikoletta Karastathi

‘Vertical Conservation’ – looking into envelope systems for skyscrapers in Dubai. The skin harvest-light through facilitating micro-ecologies to grow on the facade, saving energy by cycling carbon, acting as sun-shading, and recycling grey-water through the pipes for green-wall irrigation.

In particular, the pipe form was inspired by the long thin roots of Desert Hyacinth that circulate water and nutrients – a parasite with low primary productivity and is energy efficient. The envelope was generated with solar analysis to locate spots that accumulate the most and least solar incidences, where host plants and parasites would be grown respectively, as the latter has no chlorophyll and are unable to photosynthesise.

Desert Hyacinth was chosen as it is high in medical value, and is an all-flower-bearing parasite; still, it is becoming endangered, with very little information available for the public in the conservation of the species.


Check out the great presentation by the workshop instructors at CAADFuture  Conference.

check out our project in VR walkthrough, go to the second-floor use “G”. Thanks AI in+form: Bio-inspired Solar Designs in Architecture with Alberto Fernandez, Provides Ng, David Doria, Nikoletta Karastathi

Digital Twins

Here is a demonstration of using Digital Twin to display building information, including sensors captured from IoT devices. You can download the app here. zip. 268MB,

right mouse clicks an object to open the BIM dashboard.
right mouse drag to change the camera angle.
left mouse click sensor to open IoT dashboard, and other web-based data.
Middle mouse button to zoom in/out.
M” to switch camera views.
W, A, S, D, Q, E to navigate.
space bar to jump.



extract BIM info from Revit.

Check more info about Digital Twin from Autodesk Forge and Unreal digital twin and 51 world