UHP Spring 2024

ARCH3051. UHP Spring 2024 course:  Human-Computer Interaction in the Age of Extended Reality & Metaverse Ming Tang. Professor, Director of Extended Reality Lab (XR-Lab). UC Digital Future. Institute for Research in Sensing (IRiS); Industry 4.0 & 5.0 Institute (I45I) School of Architecture and Interior Design, College of Design Architecture Art and Planning Class Time: T. TH 12:30pm […]

Protected: 1819 Venture Lab

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Digital Human

Facial motion animation experiments at XR-Lab. The digital human project explores high-fidelity digital human modeling and animation powered by ChatGPT and Open AI. 


CVG-HOLO – WAYFINDING HOLOGRAM PROJECT XR-Lab is working with Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), in collaboration with UC Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research, to Develop and demonstrate a wayfinding hologram. Evaluate the hologram signage’s performance to augment passengers’ wayfinding experience. Develop concepts of Concourse-B store renovation, integrating emerging digital technologies related to Extended […]

Wayfinding through VR

Use VR walkthrough for wayfinding research. Players’ routes, and walking behavior, such as head movement, are captured and evaluated. Credit: restaurant designed by Eian Bennett. More info on the wayfinding and Egress at the simulated DAAP building can be found here.  

Cloud-based Digital Twin

Clients are one click away from interacting with a Digital Twin model on their personal devices. No installation is required. Demonstration of XR-Lab’s project on cloud-based Digital Twin(DT), accessible through mobile devices. Multiple users can interact with a complicated DT model through touch screens. Clients do not need to install apps and can access the […]

Kao Metaverse

The University of Cincinnati, through its Digital Futures complex, will work collaboratively with the UC Center for Simulations & Virtual Environments Research, Lindner College of Business, UC DAAP XR-Lab, and Kao to develop concepts and a minimum viable product for a Jergens virtual tanning experience called the ‘Glowverse.’ KAO-STP-Glowverse VR retail project. GLOWVERSE VIRTUAL SPA […]

Solar System in VR

Extended Reality 3D Model Application in Space Exploration and Planetary Habitation   Developed by Mikhail Nikolaenko. Student, XR-Lab fellow, University of Cincinnati. Summary: This research project incorporates the use of data science, astronomy, and VR to create a visually interactive learning tool for students, academics, enthusiasts, and professionals alike to learn about areas of space exploration that […]

EVRTalk on iHeart

Our EVRTalk project was featured at Simply Medicine | iHeart.  (time mark 9:55) April 29, 2023. By Angenette Levy with 55KRC    Jai’:a Nored ( COA) , Linda Dunseath (LWC), Ming Tang (UC, XR-Lab) SIMPLY MEDICINE is a continuing program designed to simplify the health care system and provide medical information. Thanks for the support from COA, Live […]

AE studio

AE Studio 3004, Restaurant Design Spring 2023. Instructors: Ming Tang, Samira Sarabandikachyani This studio serves as a comprehensive introduction to designing a building.  Site short-vine St and W. Charlton St, Cincinnati. More student projects from AE studio.    

XR-Lab student work exhibition

Design in the Age of Metaverse and Extended Reality End-of-semester student work exhibition @ UC Digital Future Building, April 25th, 2023 Faculty: Ming Tang, Course: ARCH 7036-04/ARCH5051-04.Elective Theory Seminar, DAAP Students: Alkadam Almoiad, Daiani Shima, He Jinfan, Jung Chanhyo,  Junglas Hannah,  Sadki Rashid, Wahl Ethan, Yeganeh Sam, Gu Ming, Liming Brett, Schadler Simon Projects: XR-Lab will exhibit student […]

paper at ASEBP

Cory P. Haberman, Ming Tang, JC Barnes, Clay Driscoll, Bradley J. O’Guinn, Calvin Proffit,. Using Virtual Reality Simulations to Study Initial Burglary Investigations. American Society of Evidence-Based Policing’s 2023 Conference. 2023. Las Vegas. Nevada. (accepted) Thanks for the support from the Cincinnati Police Department and the University of Cincinnati Research Grant.  Using Virtual Reality Simulations […]