Exhibition: The Architecture Machine

Ming Tang, Dihua Yang’s work was featured at the exhibition “The architecture machine“. architekturmuseum der TUM. München. Germany. October 14th, 2020-June,6. 2021.   The Architecture MachineOctober 14, 2020 – June 6, 2021 | Slow Opening: October 13, 2020, 2 p.m. The Role of Computers in Architecture Computers have become an integral part of our everyday […]

Burning Man project

Burning Man project from the ARCH 7014. Fall 2021. digital twin prototype. Tools: Stage, Unreal, 3dsMax, Rhino. Videos by students

seminar: Design in the Age of Metaverse and Extended Reality

ARCH 7036-004 / ARCH5051.Elective Arch Theory Seminar.  Spring semester. DAAP, UC. Design in the Age of Metaverse and Extended Reality Instructor: Ming Tang.  Director, Extended Reality Lab. XR-Lab, Associate Professor, SAID, DAAP, University of Cincinnati Class Time: T. TH 12:30 pm – 1:50 PM: 4425 E. CGC Lab at DAAP / on Teams Office hours: T/TH […]

Research on Digital Design, Computation and ARCH VIZ

Here are four groups of presentations by students at DAAP, UC on various topics related to Digital Design, Computation, ARCH VIZ. Ming Tang. ARCH 7014 Fall 2021. University of Cincinnati Group A. Impact of BIM on architecture and construction management Generative Design and multi-variable optimization Using Octopus Plugin In Rhino Using Grasshopper to apply brick […]

Project in Expo4Seniors

Our VR app EvR Talk is presented at two Senior Health & Wellness Expo, organized by the Expo4seniors. Fairfield Community Arts Center, 411 Wessel Dr. Cincinnati, OH. 11.03.2021 Gray Road Church of Christ. Cincinnati, OH. 11.20.2021 Expo4Seniors provides Senior Citizens access to services and products through education, collaboration, advocacy, and accessibility in order to make Aging […]

Building Analysis with ML

Geospatial Imagery Analytics Research. Phase II. Sponsored research by the Cincinnati Insurance Companies. PI. Ming Tang. $79,980. Period: 10.2021- 08.2022. Grant: G402236. The goal is to use A. I, ML, DL to understand building typology and evaluate building safety. Please contact Professor Ming Tang if you are a UC student and interested in participating in […]

project featured at the UC News

Our book “Architectural Interventions. Design-build collaboration on the global scale” project is featured at the UC News, an article titled “New Book: UC architecture students collaborate, compete internationally, Global design-build competition inspires book about UC-Beijing collaboration” By Joan Luebering. Check out the full interview at UC News at https://www.uc.edu/news/articles/2021/09/new-book–uc-architecture-students-collaborate-compete-internationally.html An international experiential learning project from […]

“AI in+form” workshop

This is a project I did during the 2021 CAADFuture workshop “AI in+form” by @r.e.ar_ at @caadfutures. The project explored the conjunction of various methods including ML ( pix2pxi), solar simulation, and procedural growth simulation in Houdini. Design Team Ming Tang, Jayanaveenaa P, Daniel Escobar Instructors Alberto Fernandez, Provides Ng, David Doria, Nikoletta Karastathi ‘Vertical […]

Digital Twins

Here is a demonstration of using Digital Twin to display building information, including sensors captured from IoT devices. You can download the app here. zip. 268MB, instructions: right mouse clicks an object to open the BIM dashboard. right mouse drag to change the camera angle. left mouse click sensor to open IoT dashboard, and other […]

student thesis 2020-2021

The Effect of Path Environment on Pedestrians’ Route Selection: A Case Study of University of Cincinnati, OH Jing Tian. Master of Science in Architecture Committee Chair: Ming Tang Committee Member: Na Chen, Julian Wang   Accelerometers Image of the Three Participants in Route 2 Abstract In recent years, there are a growing number of researchers who […]

Paper in CAAD Future Conference

Paper “Social distancing and behavior modeling with Agent-based simulation” is accepted to the CAAD Future 2021 conference and inclusion into the CAAD Futures 2021 Springer Proceedings. Presentation. 16 – 18 JULY 2021. Abstract The research discusses applying agent-based simulation (ABS) technology to analyze the social distancing in public space during the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate […]

Book Chapter: Cyber-Physical Experiences

Book Chapter Turan Akman, and Ming Tang. Cyber-Physical Experiences: Architecture as Interface.  in the book Virtual Aesthetics in Architecture: designing in mixed realities. Routledge, 2021. Virtual Aesthetics in Architecture: Designing in Mixed Realities presents a curated selection of projects and texts contributed by leading international architects and designers who are using virtual reality technologies in […]