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Ihsan Community Center Design and Renovation

The “Ihsan Community Center Design and Renovation” is a sponsored studio by Ihsan community. The studio explored design possibilities and engaged the Ihsan community in developing future visions. The redesign and renovation of the current Ihsan community center emphasized logical architectural space, including prayer area, classrooms for educational programs, multi-purpose hall, and outdoor recreation. The […]

Paper at Artificial Realities Conference

  Cyber-Physical Experiences: Architecture as Interface Turan Akman and Ming Tang’s Paper Cyber-Physical Experiences: Architecture as Interface was presented at the Artificial Realities: Virtual as an Aesthetic Medium for Architectural Ideation Symposium in Lisbon, Portugal. 2019. Abstract: Conventionally, architects have relied on qualities of elements such as materiality, light, solids and voids, etc. to break out […]

Collaborative teaching to study the social impact of A.I, Automation, and Robots

Funded by UC Forward Course Development grant. The Future of (no) Work and Artificial Intelligence. Amount: $15,000.  The courses will be offered in the Fall semester. 2020. Ming Tang, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Interior Design, DAAP Cory Haberman, Assistant Professor and Director of the Institute of Crime Science, CECH Tamara Lorenz, Assistant Professor, […]

Hybrid Construction

A hybrid construction using Hololens AR model overlay with the physical structure. The second half of the video is captured through MS Hololens. However, due to the low visibility of the holographic image under sunlight, we are not able to use the AR model to guide installation. Research to be continued…. Installation. SAID, DAAP, University […]

UIA-CBC Design Build Competition

Pear Orchard Cabins Design + Build project in China. UIA-CBC Competition 2019 UIA-CBC International Colleges and Universities Competitive Construction Workshop walks into Guoyuan Village, Aiyuan Town, Siyang County, Suqian City, Jiangsu. UC + Beijing Jiaotong University (BJTU) team has won the UIA-CBC competition proposal as one of the top 15 teams from proposals submitted by […]