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Deep Dream

A.I controlled image making using convolutional neural network (CNN). By Ming Tang, students in ARCH4001, ARCH7014, SAID, DAAP, UC. Fall 2018.

urban mobility studio

ARCH4001. Fall. 2018. SAID, DAAP, UC. Faculty: Ming Tang, RA, LEED AP, Associate Professor. UC Using Cincinnati Uptown and proposed Smart Corridor area as the focus area, the studio presents a study investigating the urban mobility with an emphasis on the simulated human behavior cues and movement information as input parameters. The research is defined […]

AR based Digi_Fab

Augmented Reality for Digital Fabrication.  Projects from SAID, DAAP, UC. Fall 2018. Hololens. Fologram, Grasshopper. Faculty: Ming Tang, RA, Associate Prof. University of Cincinnati Students: Alexandra Cole, Morgan Heald, Andrew Pederson,Lauren Venesy,Daniel Anderi, Collin Cooper, Nicholas Dorsey, ,John Garrison, Gabriel Juriga, Isaac Keller, Tyler Kennedy, Nikki Klein, Brandon Kroger, Kelsey Kryspin, Laura Lenarduzzi, Shelby Leshnak, […]

Training Simulation for ODOT Snow and Ice Drivers

Grant supported by the Ohio Department of Transportation. PI: Jiaqi Ma. Co-PI: Ming Tang. Julian Wang. Training using driving simulator & VR-based training applications The purpose of this research is to conduct an in-depth analysis of ODOT’s current process for training snow and ice drivers and provide recommendations on how to enhance their snow and […]

publication in Urban Rail Transit journal

Paper published in the Urban Rail Transit journal Tang, Ming, and Christopher Auffrey. “Advanced Digital Tools for Updating Overcrowded Rail Stations: Using Eye Tracking, Virtual Reality, and Crowd Simulation to Support Design Decision-Making.” Urban Rail Transit, December 19, 2018. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40864-018-0096-2. This paper describes an innovative integration of eye-tracking (ET) with virtual reality (VR), and details […]