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VR for Police Training

Develop several fully immersive 3D VR active shooter scenarios that can run on cost-effective commercially available VR hardware. Develop and Assess Active Shooter Virtual Reality Training for Ohio Law Enforcement.  PI: J.C Barnes. Co-PI: Tang,  Latessa, Haberman. Office of Criminal Justice Services. $50,000. 09. 2020-09.2021 ( $29,608) Using Checklists and Virtual Reality to Improve Police […]

Rural Mobile Living

ARCH 4002. Spring 2020 SAID DAAP, University of Cincinnati Using the 10 miles rural area along I-90 at Lorain County, Ohio as the site, this Rural Mobile Living studio presents a study investigating the rural mobility with an emphasis on architecture as infrastructure and its connection to the means of transportation. Work closely with the […]

Open source shading device design tool

Developed by Mark Landis as a part of M. Arch thesis work. 2019. The University of Cincinnati. Thesis Chair: Ming Tang, RA, LEED AP Committee Member: Pravin Bhiwapurkar, Amanda Webb. This open-source free tool is to introduce you to building simulations and some of their applications in architecture through plugins for Rhino. It will help […]