SOFA Expo 2016


Grant: Third Century Faculty Research Grant. UC. $10,000.  Unfolding CocoOn. PI: Tang. Marcu. M . 2016

Also, thanks for the grant support from SOFA CONNECT and SAID, UC.

Ming Tang and Mara Marcu coordinated the gallery exhibition at SOFA Expo Chicago. ( Sculpture Object and Functional Art and Design). The exhibition featured works from faculty and students from the School of Art, School of Architecture & Interior Design. Exhibition Hall. Navy Pier, Chicago. Nov2-6. 2016.

Students: SAID 2013. Communication Skills. Fall semester 2016.

The installation has three components. Smaller artifacts expand on the notion of architectural structure and collectively create a catalog of “misbehaved” tectonics. Larger ceramic and polypropylene prototypes speculate on the role of architectural pleats and on the metamorphosis of two-dimensional material to three-dimensional form. Several hologram digital models created onsite obsess over the possibility of endless variation through human interaction, the natural versus the artificial, and the “the everything-else” that lies in between.

The project was exhibited at the 2017 ACADIA conference and on various social media.


Screen capture of animated sculpture with MS Hololens ( Augmented Reality). We are not able to capture the video during SOFA exhibition. here is a test demon captured in my office to illustrate the animated forms. Thanks, Mike Gasaway to set up the animation.