ACADIA 2017 exhibition, publication, and presentation


Ming Tang and Mara Marcu’s project “Augmented Coral” is exhibited at t he Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) 2017 Conference at MIT. Boston, MA.  Nov.2-4. 2017. The project is also published in the In Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) 2017 Conference proceeding. Mara Marcu presented the project at the ACADIA 2017 project seminar, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA on Nov 1st. 2017.  You can check out the Architect’s newspaper, and exhibition pictures here. Book publication is available here.







SOFA Expo 2016


Grant: Third Century Faculty Research Grant. UC. $10,000.  Unfolding CocoOn. PI: Tang. Marcu. M . 2016

Also, thanks for the grant support from SOFA CONNECT and SAID, UC.

Ming Tang and Mara Marcu coordinated the gallery exhibition at SOFA Expo Chicago. ( Sculpture Object and Functional Art and Design). The exhibition featured works from faculty and students from the School of Art, School of Architecture & Interior Design. Exhibition Hall. Navy Pier, Chicago. Nov2-6. 2016.

Students: SAID 2013. Communication Skills. Fall semester 2016.

The installation has three components. Smaller artifacts expand on the notion of architectural structure and collectively create a catalog of “misbehaved” tectonics. Larger ceramic and polypropylene prototypes speculate on the role of architectural pleats and on the metamorphosis of two-dimensional material to three-dimensional form. Several hologram digital models created onsite obsess over the possibility of endless variation through human interaction, the natural versus the artificial, and the “the everything-else” that lies in between.

The project was exhibited at the 2017 ACADIA conference and on various social media.


Screen capture of animated sculpture with MS Hololens ( Augmented Reality). We are not able to capture the video during SOFA exhibition. here is a test demon captured in my office to illustrate the animated forms. Thanks, Mike Gasaway to set up the animation.