Old News

This is a collection of the news posted in the past 12 years. 2005-2017 from my old website. some links are broken. project selected in the ACADIA 2017 Our project “Augmented Coral” has been selected for inclusion in the ACADIA 2017 Proceedings. The project will be exhibited at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA on […]

Book Chapter in Innovations in Landscape Architecture

Book Chapter Tang, M. Section I. Innovative Tools. Data-Driven Landscapes. Edited by Jonathon Anderson, Daniel Ortega. Innovations in Landscape Architecture. Routledge. ISBN: 1072954 UK. 2016. This inspiring and thought-provoking book explores how recent innovations in landscape architecture have uniquely positioned the practice to address complex issues and technologies that affect our built environment. The changing […]

SOFA Expo 2016

Grant: Third Century Faculty Research Grant. UC. $10,000.  Unfolding CocoOn. PI: Tang. Marcu. M . 2016 Also, thanks for the grant support from SOFA CONNECT and SAID, UC. Ming Tang and Mara Marcu coordinated the gallery exhibition at SOFA Expo Chicago. ( Sculpture Object and Functional Art and Design). The exhibition featured works from faculty and […]