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EVRTalk on iHeart

Our EVRTalk project was featured at Simply Medicine | iHeart.  (time mark 9:55) April 29, 2023. By Angenette Levy with 55KRC    Jai’:a Nored ( COA) , Linda Dunseath (LWC), Ming Tang (UC, XR-Lab) SIMPLY MEDICINE is a continuing program designed to simplify the health care system and provide medical information. Thanks for the support from COA, Live […]

AE studio

AE Studio 3004, Restaurant Design Spring 2023. Instructors: Ming Tang, Samira Sarabandikachyani This studio serves as a comprehensive introduction to designing a building.  Site short-vine St and W. Charlton St, Cincinnati. More student projects from AE studio.    

XR-Lab student work exhibition

Design in the Age of Metaverse and Extended Reality End-of-semester student work exhibition @ UC Digital Future Building, April 25th, 2023 Faculty: Ming Tang, Course: ARCH 7036-04/ARCH5051-04.Elective Theory Seminar, DAAP Students: Alkadam Almoiad, Daiani Shima, He Jinfan, Jung Chanhyo,  Junglas Hannah,  Sadki Rashid, Wahl Ethan, Yeganeh Sam, Gu Ming, Liming Brett, Schadler Simon Projects: XR-Lab will exhibit student […]

paper at ASEBP

Cory P. Haberman, Ming Tang, JC Barnes, Clay Driscoll, Bradley J. O’Guinn, Calvin Proffit,. Using Virtual Reality Simulations to Study Initial Burglary Investigations. American Society of Evidence-Based Policing’s 2023 Conference. 2023. Las Vegas. Nevada. (accepted) Thanks for the support from the Cincinnati Police Department and the University of Cincinnati Research Grant.  Using Virtual Reality Simulations […]

paper at ACSE-ICTD conference

Raman, M., Tang, M.  3D Visualization Development of Urban Environments for Simulated Driving Training and VR Development in Transportation Systems. ASCE ICTD 2023 Conference. Austin. TX. 06. 2023   This work is based on a project to develop a physics-based, 3D digital visual environment that is a replication of actual field conditions for over seventy […]