Book available. Sustainable Urbanism

Sustainable Urbanism. Study Abroad in China. University of Cincinnati. 2016

Edited by Ming Tang, Mingming Lu, Xinhao Wang, Christoph Auffrey, Chun Zhang.

Printed in 2018.

Engineering / Architecture / Planning Study Abroad Program: Sustainable Urbanism from an International Perspective

SAID 6099, PLAN 6099, ENVE 6099.


This study abroad course will focus on the concept and practice of urban sustainability in the global perspective, which emphasis how to support the simultaneous development of our society, our economy and the environment without sacrificing any aspects. Through field study across various disciplines, the course exanimates the most challenging sustainability issues we are facing. The course provides students with experiential learning in the application of the current theories, models and methods used in engineering, architecture and urban planning to specific, real-world issues of sustainable urbanism as they are currently being confronted in the rapid developing countries.

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