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Eye Tracking workshop -1 at DAAP

Workshop: Eye tracking with Tobii Pro Glasses, Location: CGC 4425E, DAAP Building Time: 11:00am. 09.25.2019. offered by Ming Tang, RA, LEED AP, DAAP, UC. Sponsored by the 2018 Provost Group / Interdisciplinary Award Web Access ( UC Login needed): Tobii Pro Eyetracker workshop source files online resources https://www.tobiipro.com/insight/ https://www.tobiipro.com/product-listing/ Content covered: Connect WLAN. Password “TobiiGlasses”, […]

An interdisciplinary approach to using eye-tracking technology for design and behavioral analysis

Eye-tracking devices measure eye position and eye movement, allowing documentation of how environment elements draw the attention of viewers. In recent years, there have been a number of significant breakthroughs in eye-tracking technology, with a focus on new hardware and software applications. Wearable eye-tracking glasses together with advances in video capture and virtual reality (VR) […]

Augmented Reality for construction

Augmented Reality for Digital Fabrication.  Projects from SAID, DAAP, UC. Fall 2018. Hololens. Fologram, Grasshopper. Faculty: Ming Tang, RA, Associate Prof. University of Cincinnati Students: Alexandra Cole, Morgan Heald, Andrew Pederson,Lauren Venesy,Daniel Anderi, Collin Cooper, Nicholas Dorsey, ,John Garrison, Gabriel Juriga, Isaac Keller, Tyler Kennedy, Nikki Klein, Brandon Kroger, Kelsey Kryspin, Laura Lenarduzzi, Shelby Leshnak, […]

‘DATA & MATTER’ Exhibition in Venice

Mara Marcu, Ming Tang, Adam Schueler’s project “Optical Illusions of Volume” is exhibited at the ‘DATA & MATTER’ Exhibition in Venice.  Palazzo Bembo, Riva del Carbon, Venice, Italy.  May 24th to November 25th 2018.   Images and video creadit to DATA & MATTER Exhibion. GAA Foundation – EUROPEAN CULTURAL CENTRE “Time – Space – Existence” during […]

Eye-tracking analysis for train station

Some test did with Tobii eye tracker for train station design in Beijing. All heatmap here, all gaze cluster here. 15 train stations were design by students and presented through Unreal Game Engine. More information on the train station design is available in the studio website.  

UI for mobile devices MSB project

This is a prototype page for UI designed for MSB project usign mobile devices VR and AR. The idea is developing mobile based AR tracking system, similar as Merge Cube or HP Reveal Animated Heart by Ming Tang on Sketchfab