Room: 200 @ UC Digital Future building.  3044 Reading Road, Cincinnati, OH 45206

eXtended Reality (XR) Lab, Digital Future, University of Cincinnati

using eXtended Reality to solve real-world problems

Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, Mixed Reality, Metaverse, Digital Twin

eXtended Reality Lab (XR-Lab) is a research lab affiliated with the College of DAAP and Digital Futures at the University of Cincinnati.  XR-Lab explores how people engage with simulated scenarios through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality and promotes communication and collaboration through XR for education, health, safety, and professional training in both academic and industry settings.

What: The XR lab brings designers, artists, engineers, and scientists to develop XR experience to simulate DICE (dangerous, impossible, counterproductive, and expensive) scenarios.

Goal: Transform living and working space by inhabiting digital spaces; Develop metrics for human performance evaluation in XR

How: Through Metaverse, Digital twin, real-time visualization, animation, digital characters, and serious games.

Projects: The past projects include using XR for creating empathy and cognitive embodiment, architecture, engineering, and construction visualization, police training, Egress, driving simulation, healthcare and mental health training, digital twin, biometric data collection through eye-tracking, human behavior simulation, and large-scale reality capture.

  • physical

    Visual fidelity, simulated embodiment, sensory-motor interface, immersive environment

  • mind

    Spiritual, behavioral, emotional, phycological, physiological, consciousness