Virtual DAAP simulation

DAAP Evacuation

DAAP Lecture Hall 4400 evacuation simulation. Thanks Laura Kennedy. Last person left the room is the brave faculty on stage!


VR presentation of ARCH8100

Final presentation using Oculus Rift VR for ARCH 8100 future city studio.

IMG_2863 IMG_2858 IMG_2855 IMG_2846
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Unity AI, Baking Light

  1. bake global illumination light in Unity, create new light in Unity

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2. create AI controlled character, create navigation mesh

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advanced Unity Workshop


Feb 27th. 1:30PM at 3430 DAAP UC.

Path Simulation

First Person View Mass Animation
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Path Generated through position data.
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Virtual Reality workshop in Spring semester

Interested in learning virtual reality? Interested in real time visualization and game design? Come to the first workshop of 2016 hosted by dFORM where we will be covering Unity3D! The workshop is

Tuesday February 2 2016 at 5:15PM in 4421 ( near DAAP CAFE) DAAP UC.




Egress simulation

Third Person view Egress simulation.

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  • use Arrow key to move, or W A S D key to move
  • use mouse to change view


new demo files are available to download



The demo files are available to download. Please unzip and run the “exe” file in Microsoft Windows OS.

Thanks Jay Schairbaum , Jonah Pruitt, Anna Kick, Gabriel Berning, and Dongrui Zhu share their studio model.

Note: The Unity webplayer version are not supported in our further demonstration due to Unity’s switch to webGL.

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