Eye Tracking workshop -1 at DAAP

Workshop: Eye tracking with Tobii Pro Glasses,

Location: CGC 4425E, DAAP Building
Time: 11:00am. 09.25.2019.
offered by Ming Tang, RA, LEED AP, DAAP, UC.
Sponsored by the 2018 Provost Group / Interdisciplinary Award

Web Access ( UC Login needed): Tobii Pro Eyetracker workshop source files

online resources

v2-1 v2-2

Content covered:

Connect WLAN. Password “TobiiGlasses”, Run Tobii Pro Glasses Controller. Basic UI and workflow of the following software:

w1 w2

[videojs mp4=”http://ming3d.com/videotutorial/videonew/Tutorial1_capture.mp4″ poster=”http://ming3d.com/videotutorial/videonew/Tutorial1_capture.JPG” width=”400″ height=”225″ preload=”none”]


[videojs mp4=”http://ming3d.com/videotutorial/videonew/Tutorial2_analysis.mp4″ poster=”http://ming3d.com/videotutorial/videonew/Tutorial2_analysis.JPG” width=”400″ height=”225″ preload=”none”]


Tang, M. and Auffrey, C. “Advanced Digital Tools for Updating Overcrowded Rail Stations: Using Eye Tracking, Virtual Reality, and Crowd Simulation to Support Design Decision-Making. Urban Rail Transit, December 19, 2018.