DAAP pedestrian crowd simulation


  1. Create a new folder in your C: drive as C:/path
  2. Download the zip file and save in any place, unzip, and double-click the exe file.
  3. You will start your journey near a red robot. Please take five minutes explore the environment. Navigation: w, a, s, d for walking. Holding “shift” to run. “Space bar” to jump.
  4. Please go back to the red robot when you want to end your journey. Use “esc” key to show mouse cursor and close the program.
  5. Your path will be automatically recorded as txt file located in C:/path/DAAP_path.txt file. If you want to run the program again, you might want to delete the old text file from your last run before you run the exe file again for a new test.
  6. copy all the data in your text file and past at the bottom of this shared google doc. Please do not remove existing data in that file. we can compile it into paths. The data will be compiled and uploaded online.


Train Station simulation

Simulation based on the data of Beijing Subway station.


Train Station in Beijing crowd analysis

here are several train station crowd simulation based on data collected in Sihui Station, Beijing, China.

Peak Hours. 100 people / min with Parking

Projected future volume. 300 people /min with Parking

Projected future volume. 300 people /min without Parking

Pedestrian simulation

crowd simulation with more than 10,000 agents. 10x speed.








Pedestrian walk simulation

Pedestrian walk simulation. Xuzhou. China.

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Real Time Crowd Simulation

A demonstration of real time crowd simulation.

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Path Simulation

First Person View Mass Animation
[videojs mp4=”″ poster=”” width=”600″ preload=”none”]

Path Generated through position data.
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Real Time Crowd Simulation

Real Time visualization on crowd simulation.

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download the windows file ( 86MB zip)

crowd simulation and pathfinding

Research on crowd simulation and path-finding, egress, and congestion. credit: Erin Morrow, Ming Tang. During ACADIA Hackathon.

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