VR workshop in DAAP. Unity3D For Real Time Rendering.

Here is another workshop we offered to all DAAP faculty and student on Feb 02. 2016. Taught by Michael Rogovin. The workflow from 3D modeling program to Unity game engine is covered. The workshop is sponsored by dFORM student organization, and supported by UC FDC grant.

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Virtual Reality workshop in Spring semester

Interested in learning virtual reality? Interested in real time visualization and game design? Come to the first workshop of 2016 hosted by dFORM where we will be covering Unity3D! The workshop is

Tuesday February 2 2016 at 5:15PM in 4421 ( near DAAP CAFE) DAAP UC.




new demo files are available to download



The demo files are available to download. Please unzip and run the “exe” file in Microsoft Windows OS.

Thanks Jay Schairbaum , Jonah Pruitt, Anna Kick, Gabriel Berning, and Dongrui Zhu share their studio model.

Note: The Unity webplayer version are not supported in our further demonstration due to Unity’s switch to webGL.

[videojs mp4=”″ poster=”×684.jpg” width=”600″ height=”400″ preload=”none”]

end of semester VR show at DAAP UC

We demonstrated how the virtual reality can be used to visualize the studio project during the “end of semester show” at UC DAAP. Five student projects were compiled with Unity Game Engine to construct a virtual urban square. Users can use mouse, keyboard and Oculus Rift DK2 to interact with the model.

Thanks Jay Schairbaum , Jonah Pruitt, Anna Kick, Gabriel Berning, and Dongrui Zhu share their studio model. Thanks Michael Rogovin to assist the Unity coding.

IMG_1345 IMG_1330 IMG_1337

IMG_1343 IMG_1340  IMG_1332

new demo


demo 1.2. 12.06.2013. real time reflection added

  • railing added
  • basement added
  • bloom added
  • vignette added


UC Faculty & Students in dFORM VR workshop

We just had another workshop in DAAP, presented by Michale Rogovin. The workshop is sponsored by dFORM student organization at UC.







UC Faculty & Students in VR workshop at ACADIA 2015 conference




Shane Burger, Director of Design Technology at Woods Bagot
Ana Garcia Puyol, Computational Designer at CORE Studio Thornton Tomasetti
Location: TUC great Hall.
DATES: 19-21st OCT

UC Faculty Participation
Prof. Benjamin Britton, Prof. Jim Postell, Prof. Julia Wang Prof. Ming Tang
Graduate student
Rogovin, Michael. Craig Moyer

A group of UC faculty and graduate students participated the Virtual Reality workshop during 2015 ACADIA conference hosted at University of Cincinnati.  Check out the pictures here.




DATES: 19-21st OCT

The field of Interaction Design (IxD) has come to dominate our experience of the digital world. As our physical world increasingly takes on digital threads in our everyday experiences, the role of the architect needs to actively engage IxD for the built environment. We need to move from prototyping form to prototyping experience.

This workshop will engage that new role by providing a simulation space for an architecture of dynamic experiences. Through the use of a realtime visualization engine, workshop participants will design interactive environments to simulate active engagements within dynamic spaces. Dynamics could range from functional to comfort to more playful and artistic virtual installations that will allow for creative collaboration between participants.

Workshop participants will learn the basics of interactivity in Grasshopper, and how to connect their responsive designsto a custom-made WebGL environment. This will then be experienced within Virtual Reality environments using our mobile phones in combination with inexpensive VR hardware such as the Google Cardboard. Our prototype space will use an existing model of the DAAP Aronoff Center, our hosts for the ACADIA Event.
Prerequisite Knowledge: Beginner Rhino & Grasshopper knowledge.

Hardware Requirements: Bring your own laptop as well as a cellphone and cellphone charger.

Software Requirements: Rhino 5, Grasshopper 0.9.0076, and Google Chrome installed on both the laptop and phone.