New Hololens test

new test of MS  HoloLens.


Innovation Summit showcase

We have exhibited MS Hololens and Occulus VR at showcase UC  Next Lives Here Innovation Summit at TUC on 10.20th. Thanks for all students participated!





Hololens test

This is my first test to view 3D model through Microsoft Hololens.

[videojs mp4=”″ poster=”” width=”620″ height=”300″ preload=”none”]

Bake AO, light, color, shadow to web3D

Option 1: Augmented Reality. Bake occlusion and lighting, shadow into texture image. Prepare obj file for real time Augmented Reality.

[flv: 400 318]
source file from an old tutorial: ambient occlusion.

Option 2.  Web3D. create materiel before baking “color and light”. Make sure bake shadow option is on. then add model and texture to

[flv: 400 318]