Research on Digital Design, Computation, ARCH VIZ

Here are four groups of presentations by students at DAAP, UC on various topics related to Digital Design, Computation, ARCH VIZ.

ARCH 7014 Fall 2021

Group A.

  1. Impact of BIM on architecture and construction management
  2. Generative Design and multi-variable optimization Using Octopus Plugin In Rhino
  3. Using Grasshopper to apply brick patterns on polysurfaces
  4. Utilizing V-Ray for Rhino to create photorealistic renders
  5. The impact of Metaverse on social life. How can be advantageous and disadvantageous
  6. VR and Architecture, how its used and how it benefits to Architecture
  7. Voronoi Patterning + Parametric Modeling; research
  8. GIS Demo- how it can help your architecture
  9. Rhino inside Revit Plug in – General uses


Group B

  1. Demo using EvoMass Grasshopper Plug-in for Optimization-Based Design Exploration
  2. Using Animation to visualize Futurism in Architecture (Reference to Greg Lynn: Animate Form)
  3. Rhino Animation using Grasshopper
  4. Ladybug analysis of shading solutions for home in Eden Park – Generative Shade Design and Shade benefit analysis
  5. Revit + Dynamo (Generative Design)
  6. exploring lighting technology and rtx capabilities
  7. Environmental Analysis Plug-ins for Grasshopper
  8. Additive Digital Fabrication: Creating Controlled Chaos in 3D Printing
  9. site design plugin for rhino

Group C

  1. Generative design of buildings in Revit
  2. Maya Animation – Kinetic Architecture
  3. Demo of Pufferfish Plugin for Grasshopper
  4. Origami and parametric modeling
  5. LB for bldg evaluation. Environment performance
  6. Generative design of buildings in Revit
  7. How drones and aerial surveys can make construction and architecture more efficient and save costs
  8. Adobe After Effects Projection-Mapping -Placemaking/Wayfinding
  9. Demo using Fusion 360 for parametric design, animation, rendering

Group D

  1. using rhino to create models and forms using Sub D and surface modeling
    Part 3
  2. Visualization Techniques to Document Existing Buildings or Products Exploring AutoDesk ReCap – Photo
  3. Revit + Rhino inside Revit + GH + Dynamo for parametric solar-based facade and building design around existing structures
  4. Theory-based video essay on growing up with 3d software and games & its effects on a new generation of designers
  5. demo on basics of kangaroo grasshopper plugin to create interesting forms
  6. Use lumion to create a phasing animation of a building, 
    final result
  7. Using Vray to render a scene with caustics.
  8. Creating Digital Environments with Unreal + Quixel