There are three methods you can transfer a 3D model into Twinmotion (TM), either by “DirectLink”, or “Datasmith Export”, or “FBX”. Please watch the following workflows.

1.  Transfer from Revit to TM through Exporter plugins, use either a direct link (sync), or Datasmith.

2. Transfer from Rhino to TM through directlink, or datasmith 3D export. The site model was prepared in Infraworks and transferred to Rhino.

hard-edge and soft edge control using “Weld” and “Unweld”, UV Mapping in Rhino before export into Twinmotion.


3. Transfer 3dsMax to TM through FBX.Introduction to Twinmotion UI and workflow. Covered the following topics.

  • Import FBX into TM
  • Scene hierarchy
  • UI. 1-7
  • F1. help
  • Focus selection
  • Camera visual effects
  • UV mapping
  • Customize material
  • Push to cloud  
  • Section box

Introduction to Twinmotion. by Jordan Sauer. 2019