Rhino inside Revit

Use the Rhino inside the Revit plugin to connect two programs together. Use Grasshopper to construct a roof frame system, then load into Revit, using the Revit structural frame family and type. . Download rhino and gh files

2. more discussion of 2D curve vs 3D curves and how to cheat Revit to build a complex frame system with organic form. You can check the remesh tutorial, or download pufferfish first. Download Rhino and GH zip file here

You can check out more tutorials from my students.



remesh and retopology

Basic Mesh Modeling in Rhino and Max.
Compare Rhino Remesh and 3dsMax retopology for Mesh Modeling. Transfer Rhino into Max.

Note: in Max, after you copy the modifier from one object to another, you have to click the “compute” button of the “retopology” modifier in the stack, otherwise, the “retopology” will not compute. I forget to mention it in my demo.

remesh + weaverbird

3. create frames based on the edges of a remeshed mesh.