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GenAI+AR Siemens

Automatic Scene Creation for Augmented Reality Work Instructions Using Generative AI. Siemens. PI. Ming Tang. co-PI: Tianyu Jiang. $25,000. UC. 4/1/2024-12/31/2024 Sponsor: Siemens through UC MME Industry 4.0/5.0 Institute  

Paper in AHFE conference

Nancy Daraiseh, Ming Tang, Mikhail Nikolaenko . Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Behavioral Staff Training for Interacting with Aggressive Psychiatric Patients. The 15th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2024). Nice, France, July 24-27, 2024. Objective: To conduct a pilot study to enhance staff training and confidence when interacting with aggressive psychiatric […]


XR-Lab’s project was selected to join the Undergraduates Pursuing Research in Science and Engineering (UPRISE) Program UNDERGRADUATE SUMMER RESEARCH PROGRAM IN SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING May 6 – July 26, 2024   Project title: Reinforcement Learning (RL) system in Game Engine This project proposes the development of a sophisticated reinforcement learning (RL) system utilizing the robust […]

AE studio 2024

AE Studio 3004, Restaurant Design   Spring 2024. Instructors: Ming Tang, Samira Sarabandikachyani This studio serves as a comprehensive introduction to designing a building. 

Honors Seminar student projects

“Human-Computer Interaction in the Age of Extended Reality & Metaverse” student projects Spring. 2024.  UC Under the guidance of Ming Tang, Director of the XR-Lab at Digital Futures and DAAP, UC, this honors seminar course has propelled students through an immersive journey into the realm of XR. The course encompasses Extended Reality, Metaverse, and Digital […]