Where can I find the password to access the tutorial?

You can find the tutorial password printed in the Page 6 of the book. To access the new Maya library, you need the same password from book Page 6 to login this “Portal Page”. The password for the new Maya tutorial is posted in the portal page.


What is inside the tutorial?

Demonstration with screen captured video. Maya file, or MEL script is attached within these video tutorials.

Is the E-book available?

Yes. Please check out “eBook Ordering Options” on the right side of the Routledge book website. Amazon Kindle and Apple iBookStore.


Can I watch video tutorials through iPad?

Yes. The videos in this website were encoded in Flash FLV format. You can watch them directly using web browser in computer. For iPad user, you have to use third party bowser such as Photon ( $4.99) to watch Flash video. The new videos for new Maya library  are MP4 format. You can watch directly trough web browsers of mobile devices with IOS and Android.


What can I learn beyond this book?

The current tutorial library was designed to company with the book, organized by each chapter.  However, I do have a larger new video library, with more than 100 Maya tutorials, and other tutorials including Grasshopper and 3DS MAX for your future study.  For the book readers, please find out your password in Page 6 and login “Portal page” to access the larger library.


I find your other tutorials beyond this book. Can I access them at ?

Yes, you need the same password from book Page 6 to login this “Portal Page”.


How to contact author for further questions?