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Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality
Modeling & Simulation
Sensors & Sensing
User Interface Design

YearOrganizationRoleAmountAwardedFull title 
External Fund Awarded     
2022Cincinnati Children’s HospitalPI$16,631YVR-based Employee Safety Training. Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Simulation 
2022Cincinnati InsurancePI$15,709YGeospatial Imagery Analytics Research. Phase3
2022Cincinnati InsurancePI$79,980YGeospatial Imagery Analytics Research. Phase2
2021Cincinnati InsurancePI$59,000YGeospatial Imagery Analytics Research. Phase 1
2021NSFco_I$149,720YFuture of Work
2020Office of Criminal Justice ServicesCo-PI$50,000YDevelop and Assess Active Shooter Virtual Reality Training for Ohio Law Enforcement
2020Ohio Department of TransportationCo-PI$337,366YUse VR simulation Assess the effectiveness of Type 2 and Type 3 safety vests for day and night use-Phase
2019Ohio Department of TransportationCo-PI$952,938YEvaluate Opportunities to Provide Training Simulation for ODOT Snow and Ice Drivers Phase 2
2019Ihsan CommunityPI$5,000YSponsored studio: Ihsan Community Center Design
2018Ohio Department of Transportationco_PI$39,249YEvaluate Opportunities to Provide Training Simulation for ODOT Snow and Ice Drivers”. Phase-1
 Total. As PI.$176,320 
  Total as Co-PI$1,379,553 
UC Internal Fund Awarded     
2022UC Digital Future XR-Lab FellowshipPI$17,499YXR-Lab fellowhsip for GA student. Rishi Tej Aritakula
2021Urban Health Pathway Seed GrantPI$19,844YAssess the effectiveness of using Virtual Reality for caregiver training
2021UC Faculty development GrantPI$600YCAADRIA conference
2020UC Forward C19 co-LAB awardsCo-PI$17,986YResilient Price Hill
2021UHPPI$5,000YUsing Eye- Tracking to Study the Effectiveness of Visual Communication
2020Collaborative Research Advancement GrantsCo-PI$25,000yUsing Checklists and Virtual Reality to Improve Police Investigations
2019International 2020 Incentive GrantPI$3,750ybook: Architectural Interventions
2020UC Forward Course Development grantPI$15,000rescind Collaborative teaching to study the social impact of A.I, Automation, and Robots
2019UC Digital Futures anchor tenant cohortco-PI$10,000YDevelopment of a Virtual Reality Augmented Violence Reduction Training System for Active and Mass Shooting incidents
2019Strategic TeamsCo-PI$70,000YPaving the way for vehicle highway automation:  An integrated simulation-centered testing platform
2019UC Next LivesParticpants$2,000YITSC Faculty Engagement Initiative
2018Strategic Collaborative/Interdisciplinary AwardPI$19,940YEye-tracking technology
2018UC Forwardco-PI$27,500YProject-Based Collaborative Coursework for Developing Connected Transportation Network and Accessible Multimodal Hub in Uptown
2017AHSS grantPI$8,550YMagic School Bus for Computational Cell
2016CUE grantPI$4,500YHybrid Reality: Using Augmented Reality and Holograms for Wayfinding and Signage Research
2016Provost Innovative Technology Awardco-PI$70,000YArchitectural Robotic Lab
2016Third Century Faculty Research GrantPI$10,000YUnfolding CocoOn
2015FDC Department &  Interdisciplinary GrantPI$9,700YAn Interdisciplinary Approach to Using Immersive Data Visualization for Teaching and Research.
External Grant Pending Review     
2022Cincinnati InsurancePI$48,646pendingGeospatial Imagery Analytics Research. Phase4
2022NSFPI$50,000RejectedThe Art of Talking: using Virtua Reality for none-professional caregiver training
2022NSFco-PI$1,499,989pendingTask-specific integration of human-robot interaction with complex changing environments-a transdisciplinary approach
2022NSFco-PI$3,117,627pendingDevelopment of a Heterogeneous Manned and Unmanned Systems Co‐Operation Test and Evaluation System. Program
Ming Tang’s grant 2015-present
PIPrinciple Investigator
Co-PIco-principle investigator
Co-Ico-investigator. In the NSF term, this means “senior personnel” who does not work as PI nor co-PI.