PARAMETRIC DESIGN: Introduction to Grasshopper and Performance Driven Design, August 18-19, 2012, Cincinnati, OH

This Parametric Design workshop will be a two-day workshop covering fundamental principles and concepts of using Grasshopper integrated within a performance driven design pipeline. The participants will learn the essential skills
of manipulating geometry using various computational methods. The workshop will specifically demonstrate how to control the performance related data flow from Autodesk Ecotect, Vasari and Maya into the parametric modeling environment of Grassshopper; how to generate complex 2D/3D patterns based on the abstract relationship among points, lines and surfaces; how to integrate Rhino’s surface modeling with Maya’s mesh modeling; how to use performance data baked from other program as the driver to manipulate adaptive geometries across the building skin.

The workshop will consist of a series of lectures and demonstrations, open work sessions and excercises. The target audiences are the designers who are interested in learning Parametric Design / Performance Driven Design  through Grasshopper. Regiestration will be limited in order to provide each participant maximum dedicated time with the instructor.

Lecture Topics

  • Parametric design concepts
  • Computation for Performance Driven Design
  • Morphing geometry and biomimicry
  • Surfaces and meshes


  • Image based tessellation
  • Pattern making
  • Paneling with adaptive objects
  • Box morphing and variations
  • Vertex color based object morphing, integrating Maya with Grasshopper
  • Geometry manipulation based on the solar data from Ecotect and Vasari


- Instructors: Ming Tang, LEED AP. Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati; Partner, Tang & Yang Architects.
- All experience levels are welcome.

- All participants are required to bring their own laptops with Rhino, Grasshopper, Maya, Vassari, Ecotect installed. Trial software will be made available in workshop.
- Registration Pricing (Limited Enrollment) : $450.
- Workshop Hours : 9AM-5PM.
- Parking is available on street and in the hotel garage.


- July 10, 2012 : Workshop Announced + Registration Opens.
- August 13, 2012 : Registration Closes.
- The workshop has been postponed to October. The detail is coming soon.


Day 01
- Welcome and Introduction
- Presentation
- Guided Exercises with one on one assistance
- Lunch Break
- Presentation
- Guided Exercises with one on one assistance
- Q & A Session

Day 02
- Presentation
- Guided Exercises with one on one assistance
- Lunch Break
- Guide Exercises with one on one assistance
- Workshop Wrap / Q & A Session


Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center at the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Breakout Room 107,
151 Goodman Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45219



Any questions can also be sent directly to info@tyarchitect.com

Software Download

Grasshopper, Rhino, Maya, Vasari, Ecotect




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