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elective course on Metaverse development, call for enrollment

November 28, 2022/by Ming Tang

Future Service, Retail, Metaverse, and Robotics

November 19, 2022/by Ming Tang

Industry 4.0/5.0 grant

November 17, 2022/by Ming Tang

UC Digital Futures Building Grand Opening

September 28, 2022/by Ming Tang

4oA conference & demo

September 9, 2022/by Ming Tang

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Simulation

July 12, 2022/by Ming Tang

XR Lab moved in Digital Futures

June 10, 2022/by Ming Tang

seminar: Design in the Age of Metaverse and Extended Reality

May 1, 2022/by Ming Tang

Augmented Craftmanship @CAADRIA

March 23, 2022/by Ming Tang

Exhibition in Expo4Seniors

November 21, 2021/by Ming Tang

Eye-Tracking for Drivers’ Visual Behavior

August 28, 2021/by Ming Tang

Protected: EVRTalk

August 4, 2021

Digital Twins

July 26, 2021/by Ming Tang

Book Chapter: Cyber-Physical Experiences

June 28, 2021/by Ming Tang

Project Stage

June 19, 2021/by Ming Tang

paper at SIMAUD 2021

March 27, 2021/by Ming Tang

Virtual Reality for caregiver training

March 27, 2021/by Ming Tang

paper published in IJAEC

January 17, 2021/by Ming Tang

project featured in Data ,Matter, Design

January 10, 2021/by Ming Tang

Digital Landscape

December 13, 2020/by Ming Tang

Return to the Third Places.

December 10, 2020/by Ming Tang

bus stops in Metaverse

November 1, 2020/by Ming Tang

VR for Police Training

August 3, 2020/by Ming Tang

Safety Vests

July 17, 2020/by Ming Tang

Rural Mobile Living

April 13, 2020/by Ming Tang

article in IJSW journal

February 8, 2020/by Ming Tang

Training Simulation for snowplow

December 17, 2019/by Ming Tang

Paper at Artificial Realities Conference

November 10, 2019/by Ming Tang

An interdisciplinary approach to using eye-tracking technology for design and behavioral analysis

August 18, 2019/by Ming Tang

Hybrid Construction

August 7, 2019/by Ming Tang

Uptown Cincinnati Urban Mobility Studio

May 31, 2019/by Ming Tang

AR based Digi_Fab

January 3, 2019/by Ming Tang

publication in Urban Rail Transit journal

December 9, 2018/by Ming Tang

Navigating the New Longevity Symposium

November 14, 2018/by Ming Tang

paper published in inForma

November 4, 2018/by Ming Tang

AR & VR for “future transportation” show at the UC 1819 innovation hub

October 7, 2018/by Ming Tang

DATA & MATTER Exhibition, Venice Architecture Biennale

June 25, 2018/by Ming Tang

Interview featured in ACSA and Study Architecture website

May 11, 2018/by Ming Tang

Thesis: Layered Space

April 27, 2018/by Ming Tang

VR show in 2018 DAAPworks

April 17, 2018/by Ming Tang

project featured in UC Magazine

April 14, 2018/by Ming Tang

“Optical Illusions of Volume” exhibition in Venice

March 10, 2018/by Ming Tang

Virtual Assistant for Boeing is shortlisted for 2018 Crystal Cabin Award

January 24, 2018/by Ming Tang