seminar: Design in the Age of Metaverse and Extended Reality

ARCH 7036-004 / ARCH5051.Elective Arch Theory Seminar.  Spring semester. DAAP, UC.
Design in the Age of Metaverse and Extended Reality

Instructor: Ming Tang.  Director, Extended Reality Lab. XR-Lab, Associate Professor, SAID, DAAP, University of Cincinnati

Class Time: T. TH 12:30 pm – 1:50 PM: 4425 E. CGC Lab at DAAP / on Teams

Office hours: T/TH 11:00 am-noon. Friday 11-noon on Teams

This seminar course focuses on the intersection of architecture design, interior design with immersive visualization technologies, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Twin, social VR, and real-time simulation. The class will explore the new spatial experience in the virtual realm and analyze human perceptions through hand-tracking, body-tracking, haptic simulation, and various sensory input. Students will learn both the theoretical framework and hands-on skills on XR development. The course will provide students exposure to the Oculus Quest, Teslasuit, Hololens technologies, and wearable sensors. Students are encouraged to propose their own or group research on the subject of future design with XR.

Software: Unreal (80%), Unity (20%), available at UC DAAP CGC Lab.

Computer: VR-ready PC, will be provided by the DAAP CGC

Hardware: Oculus Quest, Hololens, Teslasuit, will be provided by the course.

Although it is not required, students are recommended to have a VR-ready PC and own Oculus Quest

Students will have exposure to the following XR technologies.

Oculus Quest

image: Hand Tracking with Oculus Quest.


image reference: CLAD news


Image: TeslaSuit, haptic measurement. available at UC Digital Future.

The course will cover other technologies such as  shapeXR;   and Shimmer

Required Text(s): none

Recommended Text(s): various online lectures and readings

Recommended podcast on Metaverse