"Heterogeneity: Math Driven Form Seeking + Fabrication" was exhibited in ACADIA Exhibition hosted in ACADIA 2010 Exhibition in the Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Siegel Gallery, New York City. 2010. October 21-24. Exhibition theme Evolutive Means: On Adaptation and Selection in Architectural Design seeks to augment the conference theme of LIFE in:formation, On Responsive Information and Variation In Architecture, by posing questions and addressing issues beyond those described in the General Call.


“MathMorph: a new way to generate architectural forms” was exhibited in the SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference Poster Exhibition. The 37th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive techniques, in Los Angels. TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY, 27 - 28 JULY

"Mathmorph" series Exhibition is on Savannah Morning News. Article named "Art & Soul: Savannah College of Art and Design faculty exhibit work" by Allison Hersh.

"In his "Mathomorph" series, Ming Tang attempts to stop time and freeze motion in abstracted white plastic sculpture.

Using a series of computer algorithms, this professor of architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design mathematically reproduces the hollow curls of smoke drifting through air and elegantly simulates the latticed crevices of coral under the sea. By embedding a fourth dimension - time - into his symmetrical 3-D sculptures, he challenges the viewer to think about art in a new way.

Tang's masterful meditation upon the nature of time and space is just one of many highlights in "Ever Present and In Motion," a juried faculty exhibit currently on display at SCAD's Pei Ling Chan Gallery. This multi-media exhibit, which will be featured through Jan. 15, showcases ambitious original art exploring the theme of change."

Fully article is available online in the Savannah Morning News here.

12. 20. The paper with Mathmorph has been accepted in ARCC 2010 Conference in Washington. D.C. Cheers!

12. 01. Mathmorph will be exhibited in Pei-Ling Chang Gallery, Savannah. 12. 07.2009 - 01.15. 2010, in Savannah, GA.

10.06. Ming gave a talk about his latest digital fabrication project in Pech Kucha Night Savannah event, in S.P.A.C.E on October 1. Pecha Kucha means "the sound of conversation" in Japanese.

08. 10. Mathmorph was exhibited in the poster session of 2009 ACSA-South East conference. October 8-10, in Savannah, GA.

05. 20. The new version of VR Exhibition has been updated. Now five sculptures have been installed along the river.

04. 20.

Ming Tang's project is accepted in SIGGRAPH 2009 Poster Exhibition. This years SIGGRAPH conference will be in New Orleans in August. Put of MathMorph project will be integrated into this exhibition.

03. 25. Sculpture section has been added.

03. 15 Print section has been added.

03. 01. Website launched.