DAAPworks2017. Architecture in the age of mixed reality. ARCH4002/8001

Faulty. MIng Tang

Mobile devices. Open the link with web browser to view 360 renderings.



360 panaroma renderings

Adam Sambuco

Future residential unit

Christian Austin

Future working place

Elizabeth Feltz

Future school

Fei Man

Future nursing home

Jamie Ferello

Future meditation place

Grant Wagner

Future public space

Wensheng Hou

Future student housing

Mark Specker

Future art gallery

Joseph Gruzinsky

Future library

Matt Lemke

Future grocery store

Robert Kish

Future farm

Sho Sugimoto

Future war museum

Shuyang Chen

Future hotel

Tanvi Shah

Future office/restaurant/hotel

Xianing Chen

Future heritage museum

Ming Tang Example


DAAPworks 2017.

Computer Center (CGC) Room 4425. DAAP Building, UC.

April 25  |  5–6  pm
Opening Reception 5-6 pm

April 26  |  9 am-6 pm

April 27  |  9 am-6 pm

April 28 |  9 am-6 pm

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