New Hololens test

new test of MS  HoloLens.


Innovation Summit showcase

We have exhibited MS Hololens and Occulus VR at showcase UC  Next Lives Here Innovation Summit at TUC on 10.20th. Thanks for all students participated!





Train Station in Beijing crowd analysis

here are several train station crowd simulation based on data collected in Sihui Station, Beijing, China.

Peak Hours. 100 people / min with Parking

Projected future volume. 300 people /min with Parking

Projected future volume. 300 people /min without Parking

DAAP Evacuation

DAAP Lecture Hall 4400 evacuation simulation. Thanks Laura Kennedy. Last person left the room is the brave faculty on stage!


Pedestrian simulation

crowd simulation with more than 10,000 agents. 10x speed.








Hololens test

This is my first test to view 3D model through Microsoft Hololens.

Pedestrian walk simulation

Pedestrian walk simulation. Xuzhou. China.


Won 2016 CUE Grant

Our multi-disciplinary VR research was granted by CUE ( Communication in the Urban Environment) $5,000 grant to continue research on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality related to Urban Environment. Cheers!


Real Time Crowd Simulation

A demonstration of real time crowd simulation.

VR presentation of ARCH8100

Final presentation using Oculus Rift VR for ARCH 8100 future city studio.

IMG_2863 IMG_2858 IMG_2855 IMG_2846