Magic School Bus project

The AR & VR project for medical model. Animated heart. magic school bus project at the University of Cincinnati.

Eye-tracking analysis for train station

Some test did with Tobii eye tracker for train station design in Beijing. All heatmap here, all gaze cluster here. 15 train stations were design by students and presented through Unreal Game Engine. More information on the train station design is available in the studio website.




Hololens Installation

Two installations using Microsoft Hololens





attention measurment of construction sequence

use eye tracking to measure the attention and gaze of a viewer on construction sequence. The construction was made in Prof. Tang’s second year SAID class.


eye-tracking for way-finding

study on eye-tracking for way-finding. The building on fire is  UC DAAP building. The color represent fixation duration, and gaze count.




UI for mobile devices MSB project

This is a prototype page for UI designed for MSB project usign mobile devices VR and AR. The idea is developing mobile based AR tracking system, similar as Merge Cube or HP Reveal

VR medical model

The VR project for medical model. Animated heart. magic school bus project at the University of Cincinnati.

Virtual Assistant for Boeing is shortlisted for 2018 Crystal Cabin Award

Our project has been shortlisted to for a 2018 Crystal Cabin Award! Students and faculty at the University of Cincinnati and the Live Well Collaborative developed the Virtual Assistant, Boeing Onboard, in the Spring of 2017. Boeing Onboard is a virtual assistant combined with a holographic interface which all passengers have access to onboard planes. Through augmented reality and wearable glasses, Boeing Onboard has the ability to provide passengers with valuable information, such as safety demonstrations, in-flight entertainment, and web browsing. Boeing Onboard is an in-flight concierge service connecting the passenger to all the resources and information the passenger needs for the ultimate travel experience.


Bubble_Hololens Test

Hololens Test. Ming Tang, Mara Marcu. DAAP. UC

DAAP Egress


agentDAAP-sc-5 DAAP-sc-6 DAAP-sc-3 DAAP_egress

  1. Create a new folder in your C: drive as C:/path
  2. Download the zip file and save in any place, unzip, and double-click the exe file.
  3. You will start your journey near a red robot. Please find a way to exit the building. Navigation: w, a, s, d for walking. Holding “shift” to run. “Space bar” to jump.
  4. Once you exit the building, you must go back to the red robot ( your start point). Then use “esc” key to show mouse cursor and close the program.
  5. complete a short survey.
  6. Your path will be automatically recorded as txt file located in C:/path/DAAP_path.txt file. If you want to run the program again, you might want to delete the old text file from your last run before you run the exe file again for a new test.
  7. copy all the data in your text file and past at the bottom of this shared google doc for Male. or Shared Google doc for Female. Please do not remove existing data in that file. we can compile it into paths. The data will be compiled and uploaded online.DAAP-sc-7