Publish a 3D scene for Oculus Rift

Publish Unity file for Rift. Download OVR file

Unity AI, Baking Light

  1. bake global illumination light in Unity, create new light in Unity

2. create AI controlled character, create navigation mesh

VR workshop in DAAP. Unity3D For Real Time Rendering.

Here is another workshop we offered to all DAAP faculty and student on Feb 02. 2016. Taught by Michael Rogovin. The workflow from 3D modeling program to Unity game engine is covered. The workshop is sponsored by dFORM student organization, and supported by UC FDC grant.

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Real Time 3D in Unity

Publish a 3D model from Rhino to Unity Game Engine. The online example is available here. unityweb player need to be allowed.

Bake AO, light, color, shadow to web3D

Option 1: Augmented Reality. Bake occlusion and lighting, shadow into texture image. Prepare obj file for real time Augmented Reality.

source file from an old tutorial: ambient occlusion.

Option 2.  Web3D. create materiel before baking “color and light”. Make sure bake shadow option is on. then add model and texture to

Web3D tutotorial

Publish a Rhino model to p3d web format.

clcik the “share”button, copy the “self-hosted wordpress” iframe script to text editor.