crowd simulation and pathfinding

Research on crowd simulation and path-finding, egress, and congestion. credit: Erin Morrow, Ming Tang. During ACADIA Hackathon.



Virtual Reality workshop in Spring semester

Interested in learning virtual reality? Interested in real time visualization and game design? Come to the first workshop of 2016 hosted by dFORM where we will be covering Unity3D! The workshop is

Tuesday February 2 2016 at 5:15PM in 4421 ( near DAAP CAFE) DAAP UC.




Egress simulation

Third Person view Egress simulation.


  • use Arrow key to move, or W A S D key to move
  • use mouse to change view


compare webplayer with webGL

Here are the tests of using webplayer vs webGL. same Unity scene.

Webplayer (8MB)

WebGL. (14 MB)



Virtual Reality is quickly available through the web browser, check out the examples here.

  1. Install the latest Oculus runtime.
  2. Install Firefox Nightly, or experimental builds of Chromium
  3. Install the WebVR enabler add-on (Firefox only).
  4. Open your site.
  5. Make sure your headset is plugged in and working properly. Lights on the headset and camera should be blue.
  6. Press the “Enter VR” button

there are more webVR examples here.

sketchfab wedVR

Just a test to see how the embedded 3D works. Unity model can be directly exported into this online format.

Upside down
by pietrograndi
on Sketchfab