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Busan Opera House Proposal

This extremely organic building is based around three principal wavelengths generated parametrically based on the pre-existing surroundings: a busy city to the east, the vast ocean view to the west, and a thriving cultural district to the south. The overall structure of the building ends up functioning as three different volumes. Each component can function independently yet is part of the same overall structure, inter-connected through the control point-responsive use of smooth spatial transitions.

With the use of the green roof technology, it successfully integrates the regional environment with the opera house. With the use of Maya technology this design was created with great non-traditional visual interest along with allowing the building to fall into the surroundings soundly, without sticking out like a sore thumb.

I think that this idea could be easily applied to a skyscraper. Although the opera house has a very non-traditional plan, many skyscrapers now are beginning to challenge the typical orthogonal plan. I also believe that the use of the three separate volumes to divide up the space can be a very successful method in building a skyscraper.


  1. 01 Andrew Sommerville

    I think the success in this project is in that it integrates seamlessly with the landscape and that the occupied spaces, or volumes, seem to be created by the earth that has been pealed back and manipulated. I don’t know how successful this form would be in a skyscraper just because of the drastic nature of the building type. The curves are noteworthy in this project because of their subtlety with the landscape. Still a really interesting form.

  2. 04 Emily McGuire

    I think this building is a perfect streamlined approach at making nature look like art moderne. I agree with Andrew about how successful this form could be in a skyscraper, but I think it would be interesting to take this as a precedent and make the form relate not to the landscape, but to something as simple as the sky. Just an idea, but a skyscraper in the windy city of Chicago could possibly take on a form something like this only vertical.

  3. This is an interesting project. I did not realize that the structure is symmetric until I looked at the elevation. It is deceiving to look only at the rendering because it gives the impression that the structure is random.

  4. AnthonyValeriano

    The encompassing aspect of the water and the almost evolution from the landscape really gives this form a purpose beyond beauty. The views from the sweeping glass windows also look to frame the water and connect the “flow” of nature to the contour of the design. I really like it.