P5_01 Pooja Kashyap_02 Andres Lopez_04 Owen Weinstein


  1. I appreciate the concept you have pursued. I literal representation of ‘uniting’ that speaks to the corruption and problems of today. I believe there is an opportunity to explore the connection created at the top of the tower with the Islamic design symbol. There is an opportunity of an interesting details or connection.

  2. I really appreciate how each individual branch of the tower meets at the top. Because they are separated, each branch gets enough sunlight. Great renderings.

  3. 02 Mary Heinrich

    First, I think the boards are lovely, and the image quality is impressive. In terms of architectural design, the gradation of floorplate protrusion through skin seems to successfully reinforce your concept of gradual unification.

    I am questioning the decision to top your tower with literal symbology. Though it is interesting that your branches merge to create this form, such a graphic approach to concept communication seems to lose some spatial validity when the occupants can’t actually see the graphic you employed

    • 02 Mary Heinrich

      At the same time though, perhaps this approach is poetic in its tension of the unseen––not sure about this one

  4. 01 Charles Wiederhold

    Beautiful boards! The iconography has worked out so well for this project. I’m impressed by the complicated construction of the physical model! Well done group.

    • 01 Joe Russell

      I really appreciate the separate arms of your project and how they come together. I think this gives you a lot of opportunity for programmatic ingenuity and depth.

  5. The interlocking of towers at the top seems like a perfect connection tool of the different towers. Separately, they would look like very unstable buildings, but combined together and attatched makes for a more structurally feasable design. Nice street view, definately designed for a city.