P5_02 Qi Jia / Shelby Feenick 04 Boer Deng


  1. 02 Mary Heinrich

    Gorgeous renderings. Your views and light qualities are impressively developed for the scope of this project––one of the best, I think. The way that the sprawl of your bottom floors is reminiscent of a cast shadow is really interesting.

  2. 01 Andrew Sommerville

    I think that the light quality in your interior atrium space is really amazing. Also I agree with Katie that the lowest levels of the tower are interesting in that they are reminiscent of a shadow. I am not sure if this was your intent given the description (maybe it was derived from the water flow through the building). Either way it was a Bob Ross style “happy accident” that turned out really well.

  3. Your diagrammatic plan is especially helpful in understanding the circulation of the design. Love the renderings.

  4. 02 Andres Lopez

    Loved your plan rendering. It gives you a completely different feel from your lobby rendering