P5_02 Heinrich

curtain panel––large opening

curtain panel––medium opening

curtain panel––small opening


  1. :grin: nice renderings and integration into rev it, perhaps the walls protruding above the geometry could be changed, but nice rendering too :wink: :mrgreen:

  2. I very much like the process work in the fabrication, and the digital diagrams. :razz:

  3. 04 Owen Weinstein

    the pages are realy nicely layed out, it is cool to see this thing that you have been working on for so long come together as a full idea and design.

  4. 02 Adam Fischer

    In Soviet Russia, skyscraper builds you. But for real though, this is an awesome project. And you have some baller renderings. Its a great concept and you carried it out with swag.

  5. I believe the diagrams in your layout really strengthen an understanding of your design concept. I appreciate the level understanding/ research you have done in regards to actual fabrication. Very well thought out!