P5_Eric Blyth_Sebastian Beck


  1. Very nice renderings, I like the integration of the renderings with the site images.

  2. beautiful model, although the construction of the ribs around the circle seems difficult to organize, the indication of floors and structure is well done.

  3. 08 Dan Coleman

    I enjoy the use of acrylic for your fabrication model. Does a good job to show the floors and the form of the building

  4. 02 Mary Heinrich

    The render/drawing on your central board is especially attractive. The floor plan is a little confusing to me though––I do not understand what happens in the center axis of the building (maybe it is in your text––if so, apologies). If nothing happens there, then how does one move between levels? I think it might be interesting to tie your circulation in to your structural ribs––how cool would it be to ride in an elevator that travels on the outside edge of a rib, (seeing the views of the sao paulo that you are the ‘epicenter’ of), then stop, and travel through the hollow core of a structural rib to get to the interior spaces?

  5. 03 Luke Erickson

    Really impressive final model. Glad to see all that hard work paid off. Those renderings look great as well.

  6. 08_David Haarmann

    Great renders and models. This is an example of when showing “less” doesn’t have to conflict with conveying the goals and form of your project.

  7. 02 Brad Callahan

    I really like how the acrylic was left with small vertical edges which resembles mullions if you look at it really closely.

  8. 04 Emily McGuire

    I think your section reads exceptionally well! Congrats on creating such an seemlessly simplistic structure.

  9. The acrylic, while not the originally intended material choice throughout, ended up working in your favor. The burned edges in the interior pieces give enough contrast between the vertical pieces. Great plan & section drawing.

  10. 01 Charles Wiederhold

    So simple and elegant. If any of the projects we did were to get built, I think it would be yours.