1. 02 Mary Heinrich

    I’m interested in how the cyclonic white tube wrapping your floorplates could begin to be broken and penetrated, as it starts to develop a skin treatment. Perhaps unapologetic breaks in the continuous cord would create a grounded architectural feeling rather than the gestural whimsical quality currently represented––I have no idea which would be a better treatment in the end, but breakage could hold interesting opportunities for niches of detail in the architecture.

  2. 04 Owen Weinstein

    so this thing is in the lake? sweet/imposable, the proses photos are nice it is always cool to see how these things get built/modeled. i kinda agree with katie that it could ad something to have a skin on it, but im not sure i kinda like it as this floating set of planes…

    • 02 Mary Heinrich

      I like the floating set of planes too. I actually was referring only to the skin of the white tube––it could be developed, not just be a solid, opaque, continuous surface

  3. 02 Adam Fischer

    The model looks super rad, especially the photo without the interior floor plates. In response to owen, I think the powder print only represents a portion of the overall building. In reality that would go up the entire facade. I’ll have to agree with Mary on this though, and say it could start to be really awesome if the ribbon exterior started to become more asymmetrical and erratic, responding to the floor plates, structure, views, environment, etc.

  4. 01 Joe Russell

    I am very impressed with your presentation. The model and boards seem well done and the separation of materials is elegant. I’m interested in how you could use that separation of materials and internal core vs external skin to drive other facets of the design.