P5_01 Charles Wiederhold


  1. font choice? I feel the text and the images are not aligned – the idea of using your ceiling as the project allows for a strong integration into a specific project 9your studio project), and if you were able to show the renderings in place with a high level of articulation, it would have been able to strengthen your studio presentation as well as your computer skills class. I’m surprised the amount of benefit you got out of this project for both your studio and your computer skills class is not equal to the amount of effort and display… I feel there should be more for the dual nature of the presentation.

  2. for a project as digitally oriented as this…what’s up with that font?…on another note, the glossy yellow and blue blobs draw one’s eye to that far corner, and at that point I don’t even care about the rest of the board because of the hypnotizing nature of the blobs. on a side note, trying to look at your boards crashed my firefox not once, not twice, but four times. word up to optimizing file types for web browsing.

  3. 01 Charles Wiederhold

    Thanks for the comments guys! They were super helpful! :grin:

  4. 02 Michael Everett

    This is a really cool project, and the laser cut turned out great. I like how its folded into three dimensions, and not just a flat patterned roof. Graphically, I think your third page is all money shots. For your portfolio, I would really make that picture of the lit roof a lot bigger. Call more attention to it; its a great shot, so make sure its viewed that way. Also the rendering is great, but right now I see the pattern as reading more as a floor pattern. If you could somehow show that this pattern is being projected on the floor from above, you would really have something special.

  5. 02 Mary Heinrich

    Chas, I was thinking, if you go with the concept of light patterning and dappled qualities like we were talking about on your critique day, it could be really interesting to tie reflectivity into that dialogue––the glassy installations made me think of that––how do the reflective surfaces interact with the dappled and changing sunlight coming down from the ceiling? It could start to create an intertwined, spatial network of light in your building––you could get really beautiful light renderings out of it

  6. I really like the lighting effect it creates. I would like to see it shows up in a space that would be very helpful and interesting. Since it is not only like a flat roof surface, it would be cool to see how your roof touches the walls of your building too. Good job Chas.