p5_Annie Chen05_Alyssa Muench05


  1. The size of your model on your exterior views seems a little off from the people. Especially compared with the interior renderings. The interior renderings are great. The scale is also a little off looking at the size of the people. What program did you use to do the renderings? Were the people added later?

  2. 05 Michele Cowie

    I’m obsessed with your interior renderings! I would love to be inside a space like that! I think the interior shots on your posters are definitely what sells your project. After further observation though, your 3d print is beautiful as well. Overall, I really enjoy your tower.

  3. 04 Megan Philibin

    Julia is right, the scale of the figure and/or model especially in your exterior renderings are off. If the scale is right, you’d have about 5 floors total with some of them barely providing enough space for movement. However, the design itself is really nice. Your interior space are very interesting; I can imagine the space being rented for high class evening events.