Final_P5 05_Yi-Ting Kuo 06_Qinglan Luo


  1. Your first board has to be my favorite. The concept of taking a buildings form from a woman’s profile and actually showing the design ideas behind it is great. The first board is what drew me into the project.

  2. 05 Anna Bergman

    I love how you guys used the idea of the skirt of a dress to establish a building frame! It looks great and the rendering is fantastic. I like how you used a girl in a dress to explain your design concept, it works really well.

  3. 05 Michele Cowie

    I enjoy the fact that another design discipline inspired your building design. I think the idea of using a dress as a basis for your parametric design is unique and makes for quite an interesting structure. Also, your poster layouts make it easy for viewers to understand your thought process. good work!

  4. 03 Margot Shafran

    This is an interesting study on the connections between fashion and architecture. I think the comparison is inspiring.

  5. Very interesting concept and transition from fashion to architecture. Very fluid and vertically oriented design. I loved how your model turned out, the interlocking was very creative.