Altermall Final Submission: Jennifer Bukovec, Lizzi Egbers, Carolynn Eggenberger


  1. 01 Andrew Sommerville

    I think this project could be really interesting in regards to the interaction that could happen within. I like your rendering within the mall and I think there was a missed opportunity to open up the structure and allow people to wander inside. I think that the Hermes store in Paris is a similar concept.

  2. 03 Margot Shafran

    I believe Andrew makes a good point. It would have been interesting for your form to actually be the object that holds space, and not just an object in space.

  3. 04 Megan Philibin

    I completely agree with the above comments. Right away when I saw your posters, I assumed you could inhabit the structure, but there is no mention of that in your posters. I also thought of the Hermes store, but Andrew beat me to it!