p5_Alex Kaplan_04 & Annslee Stevenson_02


  1. 05 Michele Cowie

    I love this idea! I really like how your parametric design doesn’t scream contemporary or manmade, even though it is. Your tower seems to be a lovely interpretation of the rock formations; you even considered making it translucent which would represent the snow. One thing I do wish is that I could understand your physical model more clearly. From the photos I can’t quite tell what material you used, and I would have liked to see some sort of cap or roof on your skyscraper.

  2. 08 Anna Pettinga

    I agree with the comments above. Also, your presentation is beautiful- especially the image of your [man]olith in the city. It might have been interesting to consider openings etc. The material in your model is a little confusing given the concept. Maybe you could have considered an opaque material with some kind of surface texture.

  3. 02 Mary Heinrich

    Drawings are all bangin (as always). However, I think the beauty of your project really hinges on the textured, ephemeral material quality of your exterior skin. I wish you had given an idea of what that material quality might be, and how it would be penetrated in a way complementary to the material intent

  4. I think your skyscraper is very elegant. The use of stone texture as your building envelope is quite interesting. it reads to me like a combination of modern and the past. you did a really good job to incorporate a sculpture into an urban context.

  5. 04 Megan Philibin

    Your rendering are very good and your concept is awesome. I agree with the above comments, it would have been great to see an opaque physical model. The opacity doesn’t seem to show the texture well, at least in photos.