p3_NiaHockaday_05_Curve Frames

Open Grasshopper.
Drag Curve Frame component to canvas.
Draw Circle on Top view-port of Rhino workspace.
Drag Curve Parameter to canvas.
Rename Curve parameter “Crv1″ and select circle from top view-port.
Connect Crv1 to C input of curve frame component.
Drag numeric slider to canvas.
Remane “N#” and adjust values as follows: Type: Integer, Lower Limit: 1, Upper Limit: 12
Connect slider to N input of Curve Frame component
Drag a circle onto the canvas
Connect the F output of the curve frame component to the P input of the circle component
Copy and paste numeric slider, and change hte name to radius
Connect radius component to R input of Circle component.
Adjust radius as desired.

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