Brep Join

Brep Join – Joins a number of breps together
Inputs: B (Brep) Breps to join
Outputs: B (Brep) Joined breps
C (Boolean) Closed flag for each resulting brep

Create two Breps in Rhino.

Type the command Grasshopper in Rhino.

Double click in Grasshopper, type Brep and select Brep. Repeat so you have two Breps.

Go to Surface, then Utilities, and select Brep Join—drag and place on field.

Connect one Brep into the input of Join, then hold down shift and connect the second Brep into the input of Join.

Right click on first Brep and assign one Brep from Rhino, and then repeat on the other Brep for the other Brep in Rhino.

Click on the Join component.

You know can click on each individual brep or click on the Join and have them combined.

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