Divide Surfaces

In order to use the “Divide Surface” tool in grasshopper, you must first create a surface in Rhino using the surface tool by 3 or 4 points. Once the surface is created in Rhino, you can open Grasshopper using the Command bar at the top of the screen.

1) Once Grasshopper is open and your surface is open, select the “Divide Surface” tool from the surfaces tab.

2) Next, create as many number sliders as necessary that correspond to the Input Parameters of the Divide Surface box by double clicking and searching “number slider”. Corresponding input parameters are as follows:

Input parameters:

S (Surface)
Surface to divide
U (Integer)
Number of segments in {u} direction
V (Integer)
Number of segments in {v} direction

Output parameters:

P (Point)
Division points
N (Vector)
Normal vectors at division points
uv (Point)
Parameter coordinates at division points

3) Connect the corresponding slider to the correct input paramter

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