1.) Draw a curve in Rhino.
2.) Place “revolution” in Grasshopper.
“Revolution” is found in surface
under freeform.
3.) Place “curve” in Grasshopper,
found under curves.
4.) Right click on “curve,” click “set
one curve”, select the curve in
5.) Connect a line from “curve” to
the P in the “revolution” button
in Grasshopper.
6.) Place another “curve” in
7.) Right click on “curve,” click “set
one curve”. Go to Rhino and
make a line next to the curve.
8.) In Grasshopper, connect a line
from the second “curve” to the
A in the “revolution” button.

You should now have created an object in Rhino. The object was design by revolving the curve around the straight line and filling in the surface area.

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