Michele Cowie Section 05

Note: For explanatory purposes I’ll be extruding a circle; however you can extrude nearly any shape you’d like.

1. Create point in Rhino
2. Command: Grasshopper
3. In GH go to ‘Curve’ tab –> ‘Primitive’ –> ‘Circle’. Drag circle to your work plane
4. In GH go to ‘Params’ –> ‘Geometry’ –> ‘Point’. Drag point to your work plane
5. Right click on point in GH. Choose ‘Set one point’. It will toggle you back to Rhino screen.
6. Click on point you made in Rhino. Your point button in GH should turn green.
7. Plug point wire into ‘P’ hole of circle button
8. To control radius of circle: ‘Special’ tab (in GH) –> ‘Number Slider’. Drag to work plane
9. Right click on slider and choose ‘Edit’ to change the range of the slider
10. Plug slider tool into ‘R’ hole on circle button. When you slide the number slider, the radius in Rhino will correspond
11. In GH, go to ‘Surface’ tab –> ‘Extrude’. Drag extrude button to work plane
12. Plug ‘B’ hole of extrude into ‘C’ hole of circle
13. To control the direction of the extrude, go to ‘Vector’ tab –> ‘Vector’ –> ‘Unit X’, ‘Unit Y’, or ‘Unit Z’ depending on which plane you’d like to extrude. Drag the button to your work plane
14. Connect the ‘V’ hole of whichever unit you chose (X,Y, or Z) into the ‘D’ hole of the extrude button.
15. Make a new number slider and plug it into the ‘F’ hole of unit button, or use the same slider as before.


  1. 05 Michele Cowie

    P.S. The definition of the extrude tool is what it sounds like: it pushes or pulls a shape in the X, Y, or Z direction.