Surface Box 2Pt

Step 1: From Rhino go into Grasshopper, click on surface and under primitive click Box 2Pt.

Step 2: Double click in Grasshopper. Type point. And insert a point. Do this twice.

Step 3: Go into Rhino and make two points. Place one in your perpective view and another in your front view. You must do this in order to obtain both the height and width of the box.

Step 4: Go back to Grasshopper. Right click one of the points, select “set one point”, click on one of the points in Rhino and repeat for the second point.

Step 5: Connect one of the points to the A spot in Grasshopper and the other point to the B spot. You have officially made a 2Pt Box!

Box 2Pt

Step 6: If you want to go even farther and be able to control the height and width of the box you can double click and type move in Grasshopper, do this twice. Then connect the move to the two places where the points were connected and connect the points to the G’s on the left side of the move.

Step 7: Double click again in Grasshopper and type in Unit Y. Do this twice. Connect the Y’s to the T spots on the move tool.

Step 8: Double click in Grasshopper and type slider. Do this twice. Then connect the sliders to the F on the Y tool. And now you can control the size of your box. You may need to right click the slider and choose edit to change your minimum and maximum amounts in order to change your box most drastically.

Box 2Pt Continued

P3_Samantha O’Connor_06

Definition – the Box 2Pt function in Grasshopper creates a box that is defined by two points, one for the height of the box and the other for the width of the box. This is a fairly simple command, but can be made more complex by controlling it’s measurements and you can even begin to explode the box and configure it that way.

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