The Sweep 1 command creates a tunnel like surface that follows a base line, which acts as a rail for the sweep to follow.

In this example I first created a curvilinear line. Next I created a couple of ‘AroundCurve’ that draws a circle perpendicular to a curve. You do this by selecting a curve, picking the center on the curve, and finish by picking a radius for your circle.

In Grasshopper I created two Curve bars by going to Params à Geometry à Curve

The first Curve bar is linked to the baseline (the rail that the sweep follows).
The second Curve bar is linked to multiple curves, the circles that create the form of the sweep.

I connected both Curve Bars into the ‘R’ and ‘S’ ports of the Sweep1 Bar to create the final sweep.

P3_Catherine Blubaugh_05

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