Curve/Division/Divide Curve

The grasshopper button “Divide Curve” (found under the “curve” tab) divides an existing curve into equal length segments. To use the button, you must start with a drawn rhino curve:

Then, in grasshopper, under the “params” tab, select the “curve” button. After placing the curve command, right click on it, select “set one curve” (unless using the grasshopper definition on multiple curves, then you would choose “set multiples curves”), and click on the curve to which you want to apply the final definition:

Next, select “Divide Curve” under the “curve” tab. Connect the curve command to the “C” input of the divide command. The second input, “N,” determines the number of segments to divide the curve into. The default is 10 segments. The command will not only determine the division of the curve, but will create points at the divisions:

The “N” parameter can be set locally (it could also be set by a connection to another command, if desired), and can be modified by right clicking on the parameter letter, selecting “Set integer”, entering a value, such as 100, and clicking “commit changes”:

The “K” parameter is a simple true/false parameter, and is set locally to determine whether or not the segments are split at their kinks.

(Both the “N” and “K” parameters can be set with multiple values for your collection of curves, if the command is applied to more than one originally selected curve.)

The output parameters for this command are:

“P”: the points created at the divisions

“T”: the vectors that would be tangent to the curve’s points of division

“t”: the parameter values at the points of division

Divide Curve command

Heinrich: Section 02

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